2022 Spring online meeting of BRICS NU International Thematic Group on Energy was held on MPEI Cisco Webex platform on May 25, 2022. The meeting was arranged by National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”, Russia. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Igor. Zhelbakov. The following BRICS NU coordinators took part in the ITG Energy meeting:

  • Prof. Igor. Zhelbakov and Dr. Shirinskii, National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”, Russia
  • Prof. Marianna Kharlamova and prof. Anna Popkova, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
  • Prof. Rajiv O. Dusane, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India
  • Prof. Yonghui Sun, Hohai University, China
  • Prof. Martin van Eldik, North West University, South Africa

Besides Prof. Richard Stephan from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil joined the meeting.

1. Prof. Yonghui Sun presented some conclusions of BRICS NU annual conference that was arranged in April 2022 by Chinese universities, including Hohai University as a host of Energy section.

2. Prof. Rajiv O. Dusane proposed to make an academic mobility of PhD researchers a priority task within BRICS NU. To do that we need to exchange information about research fields and professors who are ready to accept foreign interns. Besides, we need to explore all opportunities to get funding for such academic mobility on both university and government levels.

3. Dr. Shirinskii informed the audience about the Russian state scholarships for foreign students, which could be used for financing PhD students exchange (even if PhD students are going to spend only 1 or 2 semesters at host university). Such PhD students have to apply 1 year in advance – in September-October. Applications should be made online at the web-site http://Education-in-Russia.com. Applicants should upload documents on their previous education and a letter of consent from the host university. So, communication with future supervisor from host university should be made beforehand.

4. All participants agreed to collect information about departments and research fields of each university, which could be used for exchange of PhD researchers. This information would be located at the ITG Energy web-site http://itgenergy.mpei.ru/ together with contact information. This will help to connect PhD researchers with professors from other universities.

5. The next ITG meeting should be arranged in a short time, for example, at the beginning of July 2022.

6. Prof. Rajiv O. Dusane will invite representatives of IIT Madras, which becomes a new member of ITG Energy. The aim is to present IIT Madras to other members of ITG Energy.

7. Prof. Richard Stephan will present Federal University of Rio de Janeiro at the next meeting of ITG Energy.