Basic university

National University of Science and Technology “MISIS” (Moscow, Russia)

Educational program / degree

Master of Science

Responsible person

Prof. Dmitry Podgornyy (

Program description


Current global energy demands require clean and efficient approach. The two-year masters program in Science and Materials of Solar Energy at National University of Science and Technology “MISiS” is designed to prepare future engineers who will implement sustainable energy solutions. The program is a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of Renewable Energy. The students will learn pros and cons of conventional and renewable energy sources. International professors and scholars will share their knowledge and experience about conventional and innovative methods, materials and systems used for harvesting the energy of our Sun.


Energy is essential for any human activity. It affects all aspects of our social life, which include science, technology, economics, politics, education, healthcare, and sociology. Global demands for clean and efficient energy solutions require engineers with knowledge and skills which cover fundamentals of current energy sources, whilst capable of specializing in one of the areas of renewable energy industry. The sun is the most abundant energy source known to men. The master's program Solar Energy: Science and Materials provides students with theoretical and practical skills necessary for development and modernization of solar energy harvesting within the renewable energy sector. Upon completion of the program, the students will be capable of using new technologies and innovative ideas for implementation of environmentally friendly solutions to global energy problems.

The aims of the program are:

-To teach the science of solar energy harvesting, generation of electricity, and energy efficiency

-To develop expertise in theoretical and practical aspects of the solar energy industry

-To prepare students for employment in the solar energy industry

-To teach skills for further research at the PhD level

Skills and Career Opportunities

Successful completion of the program enables the students with the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The students will be aware of various types and constructions of solar cells as well as production techniques and processes deployed by the micro- and nano-electronics industries. They will also gain knowledge about fundamental physical and chemical properties of materials used in the electronics industry for solar cell production. The program provides knowledge about a wide spectrum of applications and qualities of new materials and structures designed at the nano-scale, which makes successful students highly employable in the renewable energy industry.



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