BRICS NU activities for 2016

​Task ​Terms
​Reference book “Higher Education Systems in BRICS countries” ​May 1, 2016
​Internet platform for information exchange among partner universities of ITG Energy ​June 1, 2016
​Create project teams in some fields for multi-partner cooperation ​June 1, 2016
​University information at this Internet platform ​August 1, 2016
​List of educational modules for academic exchange and full-time Master and PhD programs in the field of Energy ​September 1, 2016
​Request for a number of scholarships to support agreed exchange programs in 2017 ​October 1, 2016

ITG plan of activities for 2016

​Event ​Period
​Coordination webinar of ITG Energy including project teams report ​4 times a year (first in June 2016)
​International young researcher conference “Energy saving: theory and practice” ​October 2016 (MPEI, Moscow, Russia)
​Annual International scientific conference No 29 ​November 2016 (MIPT, Moscow, Russia)
​International student’s conference “Radio Electronics, Electrical and Power Engineering” ​February 2017 (MPEI, Moscow, Russia)
​A Movable Summer School ​(organized by ITG universities one-by-one)

  • Energy economics, energy markets, energy policy and security (HSE, BHU India)
  • Renewable, autonomous energetics: technology, equipment, systems (MSU, UFV, NCWU China)
  • Nanomaterials and Metamaterials for energetics (MISIS)
  • Electrical and heat power engineering (MPEI)
  • Nuclear power engineering and nuclear safety (MIPT)
  • Smart grids, distributed generation and global energy interconnections (HHU China)
  • Energy efficiency, power saving, green technologies (UFV Brazil, NWU SA)
  • Petroleum engineering, clean coal and gas to liquid fuel technologies (UrFU)
  • Neutron/Synchrotron infrastructure: materials characterization (StPSU)