2018 Winter online meeting of BRICS NU International Thematic Group on Energy was held on WebEx internet platform on February 28, 2018. The meeting was arranged by National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”, Russia. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Sergey Shirinskii. The following universities took part in the ITG Energy meeting by their representatives:

1.    Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil

2.    National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”, Russia

3.    Peoples Friendship University of Russia, Ecological Faculty, Russia

4.    Banaras Hindu University Varanasi,  India

5.    HoHai University, China

6.    North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, China

7.    North-West University, South Africa

  1. During 2017 Fall online meeting several Master programs were presented as a starting point for further development of joint Master programs of BRICS NU. Details of these programs, presented by 3 Russian universities, are available at ITG Energy internet platform at itgenergy.mpei.ru (program description, curriculum, presentation and booklet). These programs are open for student exchange starting 2018/19 academic year. Academic exchange is available for 1-2 semesters.
  2. While government support of BRICS NU activities is absent, all partner universities can use national programs of foreign students support for accepting foreign students from partner universities. Such scholarship support could be used for both full course and exchange students. After getting some experience with exchange students partner universities may build double-sided or multi-sided joint Master program, which is a main goal of BRICS Network University.
  3. In February Russian state scholarship application period starts. Such scholarship provides tuition-free education in Russian universities for foreign students (plus month allowance and discounted accommodation fee). Russian state scholarship for foreign students is operated by Russian Cultural Centers in foreign countries, while initial application for this scholarship is available online at russia.study for any foreign applicant.

    There are 2 Russian Cultural Centers in Brazil (in Brasilia and San-Paulo), 5 in India (in New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Trivandrum and Chennai), 1 in China (in Beijing) and 1 in South Africa (in Pretoria). MPEI has send information letters to all these Centers introducing BRICS Network University and partner universities of ITG Energy and asking to support students from partner universities applying to Master programs at MPEI, MISIS and PFUR.

    Students of ITG Energy partner universities are welcome to apply to English-based Master programs under support of Russian state scholarship.
  4. Prof. Yonghui Sun from HoHai University, China presented English-based programs of HoHai University and various scholarships available for foreign students. Detailed information will be sent later to ITG coordinator and all partner universities.

    All partner universities are welcome to send their information about available Master and PhD programs and any forms of student’s support to ITG coordinator (mpei.energy@mail.ru). This information will be allocated at ITG Energy internet platform and circulated among all partners.
  5. According to preliminary information next General Conference of BRICS NU will be organized on July 5-7, 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa.
  6. Next online meeting of ITG Energy could be arranged in April after getting information on General Conference program in order to prepare draft program of ITG Energy meeting in South Africa.

Download Protocol of online meeting