On July 1-3, 2017, the North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, Zhengzhou, China hosted the Second General Conference of the BRICS Network University, which gathered representatives of the member universities as well as experts from the partner institutions (look at the information on official web-site). The BRICS NU International Governing Board members signed the Regulations of the International Governing Board and the Statute for the BRICS NU International Thematic Groups as well as finalized the text of the “Zhengzhou Consensus”, the final statement of the Conference.

At the conference the BRICS NU International Thematic Group “Energy” meeting was organized on July 2-3 under supervision of Prof. Zhao Wei, NCWU. 10 member universities were presented at this meeting. 


ITG coordinator Prof. Igor Zhelbakov proposed meeting plan and provided general information about ITG Statute to be signed by IGB. Besides Prof. Zhelbakov informed meeting about results of first year of ITG Energy activities.


es of ITG member universities made presentations about their university research and education fields, suggestions to ITG Energy activities.

NCWU proposed to create subgroups on the following research fields

· Hydro Energy (Yanpin Li, liyanpin@ncwu.edu.cn)

· Wind Energy (Bo Gu, gobo@ncwu.edu.cn)

· Solar Energy (Bin Li, bin_li920723@163.com)

· Thermal Energy (Qiang Ma, mqiang1977@ncwu.edu.cn)

· Biomass energy (Chuan Zhang,zhangchuan@ncwu.edu.cn) 


Development of joint Master programs was discussed. Several programs were suggested by MPEI, MISIS and PFUR. Suggestions and opinions of all member universities concerning joint programs should be sent to ITG coordinator university – MPEI. MPEI should combine it in uniform way and make it available at ITG Energy internet platform itgenergy.mpei.ru. After consideration selected programs of two-side or multi-side cooperation will be presented to IGB for approval.


ap for the next academic year 2017/18 was discussed. Regular ITG meetings were agreed to be organized on-line. Suggestions from member universities should be sent to MPEI. MPEI should make it available at ITG Energy internet platform for consideration. Final roadmap should be approved at Fall ITG Energy meeting (on-line).


ll presentations should be sent to MPEI in order to make it available at ITG Energy internet platform together with this protocol and detailed information about this event.