Basic university

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (Moscow, Russia)

Educational program / degree

Master of Science

Responsible person

As.Prof. Marianna Kharlamova (

Program description

The goal of training is to provide additional knowledge and skills in the field of solid waste formation, consumption, in particular the planning and organization of work on the handling of municipal and hazardous waste, their utilization, safe storage and processing.

Main competence of the program:

- studying of modern best available technologies and features of storage, processing and utilization of industrial and municipal waste;

- studying of the waste management fundamentals for organization activities on the collection, storage, transportation and temporary storage of hazardous industrial and domestic waste;

- familiarization with the basic principles of harmful effects rationing during treatment with industrial and municipal waste

- skills of feasibility calculations while choosing the best method of processing and recycling of waste

- skills of energy balance compilation when choosing the method of production and consumption waste

The goal and objectives of the course

The main goal of this course is to prepare the future master planning and organization of work on the handling of hazardous waste, storage and processing. In the presentation of the course uses data on industries engaged in the processing of waste, the methods used in domestic and in international practice, regulations and acts, the legal framework. The objectives of the course includes familiarization with the existing concepts of recycling and disposal of industrial and household waste, as well as the regulatory framework that exists in this area.

The general structure of the course

The course includes 19 lectures - 38 hours, independent work of the student - 28 hours, mid certification - 2 hours, reports and abstracts protection - 2 hours, final examination - 2 hours


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Other materials

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