Basic university

  • HoHai University (Nanjing, China)
  • Educational program / degree

    • Master of Science
    • Research Directions

      • Power System Operation and Control
      • Automation of Distribution Power Systems
      • Fault Diagnosis and Information Processing for Electrical Equipment
      • Novel AC/DC Electrical Drive System
      • Renewable Energy Conversion System
      • Overvoltage and Protection of Power System

      Educational System and Duration

      The master program is 3 years; the duration is minimum 2 years and no more than 5 years.

      Credits and Courses

      A master student must take at least 28 credits of courses, including 19 credits of required course of the degree and 9 credits of Non-required course of the degree.


      a)    Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC)
      Full scholarship (including tuition, lodging, comprehensive medical insurance and living allowance);

      b)    Hohai University scholarship
      Full scholarship includes: tuition, accommodation, living allowance, learning materials, medical care and  comprehensive insurance;

      c)    Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship
      Full scholarship includes: tuition, accommodation, living allowance and comprehensive insurance;
      Partial scholarship is 30,000RMB, merely for the first year.


      The master students in the College of Energy and Electrical Engineering will live on Jiangning Campus. The facilities include the bed, mattress, desk, closet, chair, hot water, internet access, toilet and public laundry room.

      More information

      More information could be found at